Heritage restaurant gets fresh look with mural.


Baba Nyonya's new outlet in PJ Atria Mall required some spicing up, to complement their brilliant spicy dishes. Bearing its Peranakan heritage, our team went with Turquoise and Magenta, which are favourite colours of the Peranakans.



Minimalist treatment to Modernist Homestay 


 Our client Inhome Concept are looking for minimal graphics to provide tourists with a brand new experience of homestay. As a result, we went with a geometric line arts of a neutral gray, coupled with real objects to provide additional contrast.



Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe


Paying tribute to the late Sir Charles Spencer "CharlieChaplin, who is considered one of the most important figures in the film industry. And also Marilyn Monroe, who in 1950s, a symbol of sex of that era.